• Image of VDKS - 2.0 LTD
  • Image of VDKS - 2.0 LTD
  • Image of VDKS - 2.0 LTD

VDKS - Daylan Keoni Saniatan Prototype 2.0 Limited Edition. Daylan Saniatan has developed this Triad board model with Vektor Systems. His one design goal was to implement every single feature to enhance speed. Speed x Mass = Power. That's how he surfs and that's the formula that went into this model.

INCLUDES- Versatile installation (DK, Stand Up, Prone) and set of VS fins (specify color in notes).

-100% Drop Knee specific template
-Tension Tech: A Mesh Sub Sandwich; a sheet of mesh that is laminated between 2 layers of 1.5mm IXLPP “substrate” to form a “sandwich” construction. The Mesh Sub Sandwich is then laminated to the deck surface of the core, before the slick and regular deck is applied.
-Parallel Channels (increased hold and water flow off fins, through tail creating speed)
-Raised rails (raised at deck along rail edge at foot to knee for added control)
-Shin locks (recessed shin grooves at tail to lock you in)
-Crescent Tail (curved/crescent angles create more scoop, the 2" tail blocks for more speed and looseness)
-2x stringers
-High density slick skin (stiffer more responsive flex pattern for DK)
-50/50 rails

43" - recommended rider size: 5'7"-5'10", 150lbs-190lbs

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