• Image of VEKTOR prototype 1.0
  • Image of VEKTOR prototype 1.0

The future of board design is here. I started out focused on designing fin templates but knew that the boards will eventually evolve and be designed around the performance of the fins. By adding fins you add control/drive which allows you to create a board that is focused more on speed/lift/maneuverability. This balances all the aspects of the board and increases overall performance. All the years of designing, creating, and testing is being put into this board from nose to tail, rail to rail and top to bottom. Every inch of the board has a specific purpose created to allow you to raise your level of riding.

INCLUDES- Vektor Prototype 1.0 + Versatile installation (DK, Prone, Stand Up) + set of fins (specify template and color in notes).

-Length 43.5 tip to tail and 42" top of rails/sides of nose to tail. It will perform like a 43" board. Prone it feels like a 42" board because of the shorter rail length and DK rides like a 43.5" board based on volume and width.

-Apex Nose (Hydrodynamic shape designed to direct the board through the water reducing bogging, digging, and pearling. This also allows rider to shorten the length of the board while maintaing the specs, volume and performance of a 1.5" longer board)

-Nose kick 1.75" (directs and maintains the nose of the board above the surface of the wave reducing pearling)

-Triple template design (dk, prone, stand up)

- Double Stringers

-Parallel Channels (increased water flow off fins, through the tail creating speed down the line and out of turns)

-V bottom Hull (The V bottom adds quickness in leaning edge to edge giving the board speed and increased maneuverability)

-Raised rails (raised at deck along rail edge at foot to knee for added control)

-Shin locks (recessed shin grooves at tail to lock you in during critical maneuvers)

-Hybrid V-Tail (Straight angles create speed from water releasing off of the tail, the tips create bite and the smoothed out V pivots rail to rail with a quick release)

-High density slick skin (stiffer more responsive flex pattern for DK)

-50/50 rails for the least surface area increasing speed.


43" - recommended rider size: 5'7"-6'0", 150lbs-190lbs

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